Friday, 28 December 2012


Got two more contributions from The Idealist.

To see the entire speech (and it's worth it) go to The Idealist website (  This concept has been debated for years - many countries spend more on their military than they do on education or health.  And what's more important to a society.  I have never thought there we'll ever obtain peace on the planet (while there's still people on it anyway!).  My father used to be found of blaming wars on religion but I always thought it was more about greed, with religion being used to manipulate the masses (a great way to get people on board)!

With everything going on in the world today (and always... has it ever really been different?), I thought this was poignant.  I was raised to believe that there are good and bad of all sorts; regardless of religion.  I often read blanket statements against religions on various websites (Facebook seems to attract a lot of this) and to be honest, I really find it hard to believe that anybody on the planet this day and age could believe in generalizations.  It doesn't even make sense that everybody of a certain religion or nationality could all be the same.  Come on people... think about it!!!

Saturday, 22 December 2012

Two of My Favourite Men

Just to add this one, just because...

It's from The Reduced Shakespeare Company (

Wonder which play he's reading????

No Shame in Being a Woman

Got this image from Have a Gay Day (
I think this is awesome.  Did it make me go out and buy an Iggy Pop CD... no! But it made think of him differently.
I don't think this is gay in any way.  He's making a political/social statement.
I think it shows his strength by being photographed like this. 


Saw this and had to share it.
The article was on the Upworthy site - it's really worth signing up coz the things they send through, are truly eye-opening.

Anita Sarkeesian

Watch the entire video because it's REALLY thought provoking. 
A Bunch Of Sad, Insecure Dudes Attacked A Woman And Everyone Got What They Deserve (that's what the segment is called... I didn't come up with that!)