Saturday, 18 May 2013

Please dress respectfully...

Now I've commented before on the lack of respect that's on display in the malls of the UAE.
I believe in the credo, "time and a place" - meaning that there's a time and a place for everything.  While a (mini) mini skirt or see-through shirt is acceptable (but still skanky) in a nightclub or bar, it's not in a shopping mall where families are shopping.  
I actually see more skanky clothes worn here than I do in my hometown in NZ.

An Emirati girl once told me that she doesn't feel comfortable on the beaches or in the malls of her own country because of the lack of respect shown by many of the foreign women with what they choose to wear.  I remember thinking, how WRONG that was.  I really felt for her.  I can only imagine how brassed off I'd be if I felt uncomfortable in my own country - especially if that discomfort prevented me from going out. 

This photo was taken in the food court of Mall of the Emirates - not far from the "Dress Code" signs on EVERY entry.  Maybe when the girl got dressed in the morning she left the rest of her skirt at home!!!!

This country is VERY good to us, and all it asks in return is to show some respect... Shouldn't really be THAT difficult!

Women as Furniture...

Before I left Dubai, I was walking through Mall of the Emirates and was quite taken aback at the following window display...

Is it not enough to demean women by reducing them (us) to objects displayed for male consumption... we're now relegated to mere furniture?????  Are women still perceived by some as being just chattels?  In 2013?