Friday, 20 September 2013

Biased? No of course not... it's just the American commentary!

I stayed up extra late last night in order to watch the America's Cup highlights.
OH MY GOD... the commenary was SO BIASED.
A person tuning in for the first time would have thought that it was Team America that were 7-1 up in the regata. 
Every time New Zealand did something that didn't work 100%, the commentary team were VERY quick to badmouth them.  Asking questions along the lines of "Have New Zealand lost their momentum at last?"
When Team America made a blundering error (which allowed NZ to win comfortably) they brushed it aside as if nothing was amiss.
Now while I appreciate that it must be difficult for a commentary team to remain impartial, surely that's their job!

And I thought the OSN Dubai-based rugby panel was bad enough with their derogatory remarks against New Zealand.
I've watched games where the All Blacks have played an near faultless match and the Dubai panel has picked on EVERY nano-error.  Whereas the opposing team (no matter where they're from) are talked up and if they make a mistake, there's an incredibly good reason as to why. 

I really don't understand the 'haters' out there.
New Zealand is a small island nation at the bottom of the planet who has worked hard for every successful she has obtained.
Surely that's something to admire, not knock!
We are a proud nation - we wear the fern with pride.
But we are totally undeserving of the crap being thrown at us by way of sports commentary.


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