Saturday, 28 September 2013

Hmm... what are they trying to say?

Two weeks ago I went to Dubai with a friend.
While she was busy, I had a wonderful time at MoE (Mall of the Emirates).
As I was merrily working my way around my favourite shops, I came across these mannequins:

Now... as the male mannequins in the shop had mouths, I don't think this can be passed off as a manufacturing defect!
I'm pretty sure I've NEVER come across mannequins with no mouths before - especially ONLY the female ones. 

So what ARE they trying to say?
  • The perfect woman has no mouth?
  • That women talk to much?
  • That too much silliness comes out of women's mouths?
Which ever way you think of it... it's interesting (NOT TO MENTION misogynistic).

1 comment:

  1. Maybe they want women to be like the mouth-less Hello Kitty who though not 'real' almost completely unraveled my sense of sanity when living under her many shadows.Apparently the designed mute of Hello Kitty is cute.